Bespoke Commissions

Bespoke commissions by South Island Art

A truly unique way to bring your travel memories to life.

Perfect for impact on your feature wall, a bespoke commission is the ultimate personalised keepsake. It brings that magical feeling you get when you see something that transports you back to a special moment, magnified by knowing it is exclusively yours, telling your personal story.


Featured concepts

Storyline Skyline Family Life by South Island Art

Storyline Skylines

Skylines and silhouettes that tell your personal stories. The perfect gift to celebrate momentous occasions from engagements and anniversaries to milestone birthdays.

South Island Art Bespoke Millennium Stadium

Special Venue Illustrations


These range from house portraits to wedding venues and your favourite landmarks.

Bespoke Homeware by South Island Art

Bespoke Homeware

Create your own set of homeware in colours and places of your choosing.


Whether you have a photo of a favourite place that you'd like translated in my style, a house portrait, or you would like to create a skyline story of locations and mementos you love, just drop me a line.

As each piece is bespoke, prices for your personal piece of wall art vary depending on size, level of detail involved and if combined with a bespoke homeware package. As a guide, a Special Venue Illustration print starts from £100.

To create a unique and captivating piece of art just for you, simply get in touch by emailing