Late summer breaks: Estoril & Caiscais, Portugal

The inspiration for Atlantic Coast beach print

The design for Atlantic Coast is based on the stunning coastline of this part of Portugal. The resorts of Estoril and Caiscais in are about a 40 minute train journey out of Lisbon. The route takes you along the coast, becoming more and more scenic as you approach the end of the line. It's postcard perfect - think pastel pink and yellow coloured villas on hills and dramatic, rocky coastlines, sunlight sparkling on the water and the sound of the waves hitting the rocks. Peaceful and tranquil waters in one bay - the next will have rough, choppy water. 

A late summer break, we went at the beginning of September with a beach holiday in mind, it's still pretty hot. Most days the temperature was low 30s but there were some scorchers! Misty early mornings were immediately followed by cloudless blue skies. Our hotel in Monte-Estoril was within walking distance of three beaches; Praia do Tamariz, Praia das Moitas and Praia da Duquesa. Each beach has a different feel, and the way the sea behaves is slightly different - some areas are incredibly rough (and attract a lot of surfers), while others are much calmer. 

A promenade runs along the coast between Estoril and CaisCais and makes for a beautiful walk. It's dotted with cafes and you'll be able to spot the more popular beaches, with strings of cafes and restaurants all lined up one after the other on the sea front. CaisCais seems a slightly bigger resort and town and from both it's incredibly easy to hop on the train to the centre of Lisbon for a spot of sight-seeing. It's ideal for those who want a relaxing beach holiday with the added benefit of city sights close by.

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