3 easy steps to commissioning an art print

There are few questions regularly come up from our clients when we start on a bespoke piece. Here's a bit of insight into our own process and a few tips to commissioning your own piece. As our work is destination based, we start with Where, Colour, and finally Size.

1. Where: Start with a place

Often people come to us with a photo of their favourite place that they would like interpreted in our signature style, generally for their feature wall, be it the living room or a bedroom. It's also quite often as a special anniversary gift or a present to mark a significant milestone.

The place could be as simple as a location from a much-loved holiday, or a whole skyline created from your favourite destinations. If it's for a couple, it could include where you met, your first holiday, your first home and perhaps even memorable date locations.

2. Colour: Chosen to match your interior decor

We love colour and choose our palettes very carefully. Whether you have a neutral scheme or one with bright pops of colour, we can put together palettes that make a statement for your wall. Soft and mellow or bold and punchy - we tailor to your tastes. Send us pictures of the room you'd like the print to go in and we will come up with a suggestion. A bonus - if you have it - is to know the paint colours you've used!

3. Size: Feature or a gallery?

Do you want your print to be a statement piece in the room, or will it be part of a gallery of pictures? Does it need to fit a specific space? Do you want a standard size that's easy-to-frame, or can you source a bespoke frame?

A bespoke print is a truly special piece of art to have in your home - it's your very own story, made to match your decor. A very unique combination that will make you smile. 

To find out more, just drop us an email.