New homeware launch: Placemats and coasters

Many of our ideas for products and designs come as a result of wanting something for our own home. Our new range of homeware - placemats and coasters - is another example.

We love setting the table for dinner with placemats and coasters - whether it's just two of us or more. Sitting down at our table makes us feel like we're taking proper time to have a meal together and makes it more of an occasion. I've always struggled to find mats that I like - something modern yet practical, just the right amount of colour - and since launching South Island Art, I've loved the idea of creating my own.

Working with a manufacturer in Coventry, my range is made from melamine. It's a bit more durable than traditional hardboard and cork and what I love most of all is how fresh and modern it feels. It has a real weight to it when you hold it. It feels special yet - bonus! - it's wipe clean. (Just a note - it can't go in the microwave or oven).

The designs really add a splash of colour to the table - as someone who LOVES colour, and I mean really loves - it just brings a smile to see it.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do - I'd love to hear your thoughts!