Colour palette combinations #1: Greys

My love of colour runs through all my designs and especially our own home! This post is the first in a series that covers where and how the inspiration for the colour combinations I use comes from. 

I like to build up a palette around a theme related to the destination in the design. Quite often it starts with a word (like 'Dawn' - an early morning sky with streaks of purple and pink) and then I pick a colour from a paint brand to base the palette on. I look for interior fabric and wallpaper swatches in colours related to that theme - should the base colour be combined with the hues from a rich velvet, or the paler, more subtle tones of a linen? Is the design going to be a bold statement, or quiet and tranquil?

The best-selling London Skyscrapers is inspired by an idea I had for the decor scheme for our own interior. I loved the idea of a base of neutral tones with bold, punchy pops of colour. The London skyline, with its multitude of greys - warm and hazy, misty and smoky, textures from its eclectic architecture - seemed perfect to try this out. The base paint colour for the sky that the palette is built on is Ceviche by Little Greene, a warm grey, while the big hitters are all highlighted in jewel tones. Have a look at our moodboard for ideas for colour combinations.