Niagara Falls

Seeing Niagara Falls was something we'd always wanted to do, and it didn't disappoint. An early start to catch the one direct train from Toronto, it's about 2 hours through the suburbs and a couple of cities along Lake Ontario. We bought the adventure pass online before we left, and headed straight to Clifton Hill to get them validated. We decided to walk from the station (about half hour at a decent pace), and as the route is along the river, it's very scenic. There are so many B&Bs along the way, with some really pretty buildings and side streets. The best bit about walking is that you get a great view of the American Falls. That first glimpse is so exciting! 

Clifton Hill has a completely different vibe, full of amusement arcades, casinos and fast food restaurants. On getting our passes validated, we went on the Hornblower Cruise first, and it's an awesome experience. They provide you with ponchos - most definitely needed! We were on the back of the Upper deck, and even from here the views are amazing. It takes you pretty close to the American Falls, and the amount of spray is like being in a shower! It's spectacular, being blown about on deck just from the sheer force of the spray. 

There's nothing to prepare you for the Horseshoe Falls. Being on the boat you really get to understand the power of the falls - the noise is something we didn't think about. You get drenched from the mist and spray - our camera lens got soaked! There really is nothing like it - you almost can't see anything as it's just mist and spray, the water hitting your face. 

You can walk along the main road by the river up towards the top where the falls start. You really see the speed and force of the current as the water rushes over, flowing from Lake Erie into Niagara River and then into Lake Ontario. 

Journey beneath the falls takes you to a viewing platform near the base, where you can see and hear the force of the water as it hits the river. There are also tunnels constructed behind the falls taking you in total one-third of the falls, with a couple of viewing areas - the engineering is incredible.