Toronto in Spring: Our highlights

Toronto in early May is a beautiful city of contrasts. From a damp grey start to a day to blazing sunshine by the afternoon, the city is welcoming and vibrant. Here are a few of our highlights from a 5-day break. 

1. The Toronto Islands - we'll cover this in a separate post. A short ferry ride from the harbour, they are an incredibly picturesque place to spend a day.

2. Day trip to Niagara Falls - again, we'll cover this in another post - it is every bit as stunning as you think it will be and definitely worth a day trip.

3. Catch a sports game. The city is sports mad, and the atmosphere when one of their teams is playing is just incredible. We were lucky enough to experience the city during basketball playoffs, as well as going to a Blue Jays game. To an outsider, the city seems united in their support and love for sport. 

4. Wander around the city. The neighbourhoods each have a distinct character to them. You could be walking down a street and within a few blocks you will see and sense a shift in the vibe - often a contrast to the area you've just been in. From the boho, arty feel of Kensington Market, through Chinatown, to the hip feel of the Distillery district, there really is something for everyone. 

5. The CN Tower. At 553.33m high, it was the tallest building for over three decades. We went up to both the lookout level (346m), as well as the Sky Pod, which is an incredible 447m above the city! The views as you imagine are fantastic from both levels and we were lucky to go on a really clear day, so you could just about make out Niagara Falls. Lake Ontario really does seem more like an ocean from up here, and you can get a sense of how sprawling the city is. It's funny how the skyscrapers that surround the nearby area can throw out your perspective - you almost don't realise how high up you are. 

A gorgeous, friendly city - a place we can't wait to go back to!