100 days of London: Colours

Here's a sneak preview of our 100 days project colours! 10 colour schemes are used overall, each inspired by a paint colour from a leading interiors brand, creating a series designed to be in harmony with your own home decor.

The themes are:
Dawn: Inspired by Little Greene's Mischief - the sky turning from inky blues to purples and pinks as the sun slowly starts to break through

Sunset: Inspired by Farrow & Ball's Charlotte's Locks® - warm summer evenings, the sky a deep orange

Midnight: Inspired by Farrow & Ball's Incarnadine® - deep inky blues, bright night lights of the city glowing

Sunshine: Inspired by Little Greene's Old School Blue - a beautiful bright blue reminiscent of summer days, turquoise hues and warm yellows

Airy: Inspired by Dulux's Wicker Dream 4 - a breath of fresh air with a colour palette of soft creams and greys, with a sparky lime green, drawing on a late spring garden

Moody: Inspired by Little Greene's Adventurer, our palette uses deep hues of indigo, forest green and burgundy, creating a rich, smoky look

Exotic: Inspired by Little Greene's Theatre Red - a late summer holiday in a Mediterranean villa overlooking the sea. Warm, spicy colours.

Earthy: Inspired by Dulux's Sumatran Melody 2, our palette of burnt tones is designed to be warm, rich and calming

Jewels: Inspired by Dulux's Ruby Fountain 4, our palette is based on a summer rose garden, full of vibrant tones with a burgundy base

Rustic: Inspired by Farrow & Ball's Elephant's Breath® and Nancy's Blushes®, we chose our colours with farmhouse creams, pinks and lime greens in mind

The completed series will make a really cute set of prints for a feature wall - you can just see how a set of 5 framed prints could sit next to each other!