The Story of Us

The Story of Us is a personalised print, actually created for my own home.

The idea came when we were looking for wall art prints to make our rented flat feel more like our own home. We saw this beautiful print of a couple walking along Southbank, which reminded me of us. My boyfriend commented about how the couple seemed quite different to us which got me thinking - why couldn't it be us instead? 

We loved the idea that the print would contain moments and memories of things that were really special to us. So the print features us on one of our walks, heading to a skyline of places we've been to and things that mean a lot. From first dates to holidays, things we each love, symbols of moments we've shared. It's all in my signature striped style, with colours to work in our interior. It's something to make us smile each time we see it, with incredible detailing to make us look again and again - those chairs where we sat outside, the plane in the corner, those classic stripes from that brand of trainers he loves. It's my housewarming gift - something to immediately make our new place feel like home.

What would be in your own story? Is it family moments, a skyline of each place you've been to, pets? Let us know what you'd have in yours!