Why I set up South Island Art

When I was 7, a teacher jokingly told my mum that I'd never be an artist. I got into drawing from watching my mum put together designs for cakes, it was a way to occupy time. It wasn't until I started senior school with a fantastic head of art that I started to take it a bit more seriously. 

I noticed that family, friends and friends of friends would often ask me to create something specific for their own homes - a statement piece for their feature walls. There was always a common thread - they were always after set colours to match their interior decor. 

South Island Art designs are created with this in mind. Our paintings and prints can be customised to match your own home decor. Tell us your colour scheme and we will devise a colourway to complement it. The colours for our 100 days project all have a feature colour inspired by a leading paint brand, making a cute series of prints for your wall, a whole set in harmony.

Or why not go completely bespoke with a design unique to you? Our own Story of Us does this for us - it makes us smile every time we walk past and adds such personality to our home, giving us a feature wall full of meaning, with our own stamp on it.

I called it South Island Art as our designs fall into set travel themes - cityscapes, seascapes, iconic landmarks - all of which stand the test of time. I liked the connotations of travel, and being a South Londoner it seemed perfect!