100 days of London: Roundup 21-30

Continuing with our 100 days of London architecture series, here are numbers 21-30...

The Globe | Airy colourway: The original theatre, built in 1559 was strongly associated with William Shakespeare. The building today on Bankside, Shakespeare's Globe, is a replica of the original, opened in 1997.

Horse Guards Parade | Sunshine colourway: A parade ground for ceremonies - one of the most famous held there is the Trooping of the Colour. The history of the building goes back as far as the 18th Century.

Heron Tower | Dawn colourway: Originally known as the Heron Tower, this skyscraper is now called the Salesforce Tower. A commercial building, it is 230m tall.

Guildhall | Rustic colourway: A Grade I listed building, Guildhall has existed since the 12th Century and is the home of the City of London Corporation.

Harrods | Sunset colourway: The world famous department store's origins actually began in the East End, as a grocery and tea store before moving to Knightsbridge.

ArcelorMittal Orbit | Jewel colourway: Designed by the artist Sir Anish Kapoor with engineer Cecil Balmond, this is currently the tallest sculpture in the UK and has a viewing platform. Created for the London 2012 Olympics, you can find out more here.

British Library | Moody colourway: A Grade I listed building in St Pancras, the British Library was designed by Sir Colin St John Wilson and MJ Long in the 1980s and 90s. 

Banqueting House | Rustic colourway: Designed by architect Inigo Jones, it is the only bit left from what was Whitehall Palace. The full history of the building and site can be read at Historic Royal Palaces.

BT Tower | Jewel colourway: The BT Tower celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015. When it opened in 1965, it was then the tallest building in Britain.

Cardinal Place | Dawn colourway: Victoria's Cardinal Place opened in 2006, designed by EPR Architects, a mix of retail and office space.

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