5 favourite colours of Rome in Autumn

Autumn in Rome is full of warm hues: from the deep forest greens of the Villa Borghese gardens, midnight blue skies over the river Tiber with St Peters basilica lit up in the distance to the neutral stones of Ancient Rome. 

Beyond the wonderfully romantic Trevi Fountain and Spanish steps (which were being renovated when we went), here are my five favourite places in Rome and the colour inspiration I associate with them.

Vatican Museums - Golden Yellows: it's well worth pre-booking your tickets for the Museums before you travel to help speed up your visit. Housing the most incredible collection of art, everywhere you look is a famous masterpiece. However one of my favourite parts was a corridor full of beautiful, intricate maps in muted blues and greens and gold detailing.

Trastevere - Russet Browns: Trastevere is full of trendy bars and places to eat. Take a beautiful stroll along the River Tiber for stunning views across the bridges as the leaves begin to turn. 

Ancient Rome - Neutrals: From the Forum to the Colosseum, Ancient Rome is a must-see. The neutral stone colours with their weight of history will take you back in time. 

Villa Borghese - Forest Greens: when I think back on our trip, the deep dark greens of the tall trees in Villa Borghese are the first colours I think of. A huge park that covers around 80 hectares, there is much to see from amazing views of Rome from Pincio Hill, to the historic racetrack of Piazza di Siena and the Museum and Gallery itself.

Eataly - Grey Glass: A fabulous place to explore Italian food. Located a bit outside the city centre in the South (Ostiense), it's definitely worth a trip. The shopping you could do not to mention eating. And eating.  

What are your favourite places in Rome?