My favourite London views

There are so many fantastic London viewpoints from which to see the ever-changing skyline - both well-known and those off the beaten track. These are my favourite places to go to and the inspiration behind my London cityscape designs.

Sky Garden: sipping a to-die-for cocktail in the Sky Garden is a fantastic experience, with the whole city laid out under you. The vast and spacious greenhouse style environment adds an extra special feel. A;though free to go up to the viewing level, tickets must be booked in advance.

The Southbank Stretch: As crazy as it gets with the tourists and crowds, this stretch from Lambeth Bridge, where it tends to be much more peaceful, all the way up to Tower Bridge is a constant inspiration. London Eye Skyline and Riverview are both inspired by walks along here.  

Waterloo Bridge: I love this as it's like an overview of pretty much all the big hitters. Face East on the bridge (looking towards Tower Bridge) and they're all stretched out in front of you, from St Paul's to your left to The Shard on your right. An incredible view, no matter what the weather, and one that is constantly changing as new skyscrapers pop up. London Skyscrapers Print comes from this view.

Shard: everything seems so tiny and minute from the top. At night when the city is lit up is my favourite time - it seems like an abstract toy town.

Tate Modern Switch House: It's free to go up to the viewing level, and you can walk all the way around. I love seeing St Paul's from up here, and you can see East to Canary Wharf, West to Wembley on a good day.