Travel colour stories: home decor colour inspiration from favourite places

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed we've recently started a series of colour inspiration posts related to the places we've been to.

I admit I'm one of those people who will go away for a week and come back with 300 photos and 100 of them will be different versions of the sky / river / lake, trying to capture the scene in different lighting. Someone recently asked if I found myself seeing everything as a colour palette and it's very true, especially when I'm in a new place or on holiday. There's so much to absorb - the softest pale pink of a sunset can be ideal for a bedroom wall; a bright sunny sky blue perfect for the inside of a bookcase or shelving.

It's funny how once you start looking, a colour theme can seem to run through whole sets of photographs. Here are some moodboards that pick out themes to base ideas on for your own home decor colour schemes. I pick out colours - whether for art or home - based on what I'm drawn to most. Nature in particular is brilliant for ready-made palettes - soft, pale whites to deep purple-blues in the sky part of our Nature's Blues image above is one example.  

How do you choose colours for your home? Let us know in the comments!

ColourRowana Mallett