5 ways to make the most of your travel memories

Our home decor is full of things we love that remind us of places we've been to. Whether it's from places we go to in our home town (the graphic designer in me especially loves to collect business cards from restaurants!) or boarding passes from holidays and travel guides lining the bookshelf, it seems to fill every bit of our home. Down to the desktop wallpaper on the laptop!

Here are a few ideas I've come across (and some that I have at home) to make the most of your travel mementoes.

DIY ideas:

Travel Keepsake Frame:

If like me you love collecting tickets and cards from your travels, this is a lovely way to display them and create a really personal piece of wall art. A quick and easy way to give your space character, all you need is a frame, clips and string. 


We create a photobook after each holiday, and are slowly amassing a collection! I love the way they look lined up on the bookshelf, with little hints of the places peeking through.

Ideas from our Pinterest board:

Pinboards / Pegboards

I've seen some really lovely pegboard and pinboard displays, from pinning up a map print and adding photo tags to the locations you've been, to an actual pegboard map by Block Design. I'm also eyeing up their standard pegboards for the home office!

Map wall posters and vinyls

I used to love those scratch postcards where you revealed an image underneath - Urban Outfitters have a large map for the wall where you do the same with the places you have been to! Or how about a large vinyl for the wall, Vodstudios on Etsy have a version with location stickers that you can add as markers - great for a kid's bedroom.

Personalised globes

I've seen more and more of these around, and I particularly like these by Loobie Design on Etsy. Hand-painted and lettered, you can choose from ones with continents marked, or completely personalised. Whether for the home or a wedding, they are a beautiful touch!

For more ideas on how to incorporate travel-themed decor in your home, check out our Pinterest board.