New art print collection preview: 30 Days of Summer

30 days of summer colour swatches

The colours inspiring a new design collection launching September 2017

30 Days of Summer celebrates beach and city coastlines, parks and gardens inspired by locations both global and around the UK.

These are the colour themes that will be used throughout the collection, from soft and soothing to bright and vibrant. 


Inspired by Farrow & Ball's Dayroom Yellow. A soft and soothing colour palette, reminiscent of 


Inspired by Farrow & Ball's Vardo. Think fun and bright tropical blooms  a vibrant summery colour pop.


Inspired by Little Greene's Pale Lime. Planting in Singapore's Gardens By the Bay triggered the idea for this palette and Pale Lime the ideal colour to base it on. Fresh and warm, this palette creates a captivating feel.


Inspired by Little Greene's Pthalo Green. Deep moody greens and blues balanced by a splash of bright green and warm stone. 

City brownstones

Inspired by Farrow & Ball's Red Earth, the idea came from apartment blocks in North American cities on the East Coast. Soft red-browns take centre stage combined with a hint of turquoise and purple-blues for a welcoming feel.

Art paint colour inspiration | South Island Art

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