Bespoke wedding gift commission

South Island Art Bespoke Wedding Gift.jpg

A deeply personal storyline skyline commissioned as a wedding gift for a sister and new brother-in-law

The Story

This story grabbed me right from the beginning. This commission was to be a wedding gift celebrating the travel story of my client's sister and her brother-in-law to be. Their travels read like my bucket list - oh the places we wanted to include! We narrowed down the locations to include their highlights, the place they met, where they got engaged and the wedding venue itself. What a gift to be presented with.

Wedding gift skyline print detail by South Island Art.jpg
Wedding gift commission colours.jpg

The Colours

We explored two sets of colour palettes; the first inspired by nature and the location of the wedding venue; the second a softer, deeper palette of navy blues, browns and neutrals based on the couple's home decor and wedding palette.

The Details

The print is full of tiny, intricate stripes to pull out architectural features. There are subtleties too, such as making a feature of an internal sign to highlight the significance of the location they first met.

Wedding gift art print detailing.jpg
Wedding print illustrations by South Island Art.jpg

"I'm absolutely thrilled with it! You've done an incredible job and it's everything I hoped for and more, not to mention... you've made the whole process a breeze. Thank you!"

Amanda, Australia