Story of Us Part 2: Bespoke Storyline Skyline

Having got engaged in the Spring, it felt like it was high time our own Storyline Skyline was updated. Two years on from the original, we’d packed in a whole heap of adventures, all waiting to be captured.


The Story

We wanted our print to record our highlights over the last two years, from the town we live in to our travels. Where the last one featured favourite drinks and activities, this one took on more of a transport theme linked to some unforgettable moments, with a tram (Lisbon and Tram 28), a tuk tuk (a ride through the windy hilly roads and manic city streets of Kandy), and an all-time highlight, a seaplane flight in Sri Lanka. Not forgetting the location we got engaged - the hotel we stayed in Boston, perfect to add details to as our room was on the first floor, on the corner facing the front!

©Story of Us Part 2_Engagement Celebration Print.jpg
©Story of Us Bespoke Print Colours.jpg

The Colours

The same palette of colours runs through our home, utilised in different ways for each room - more teal in the living room, softer blues in the bedroom. I wanted the thread to continue into our print, with a link to the original Story of Us to bring it all together.


The Details

From the ring in the window of our hotel room, to the tiniest stripes of the steps leading up to the top of Sigiriya, all kinds of minute details are included. What I love about creating these is the multitude of mini stories each one contains, making you look and remember time and time again.

©SouthIslandArt-Story of Us Part 2 Tiny Detailing.jpg