Bespoke commission: Our Time at St Pancras

A striking piece capturing a scene full of meaning for a special couple.


The Story

Based in New York, USA, this couple were after an original print of the interior of St Pancras, capturing a place and moment incredibly special to them. They wanted a large scale piece with impact, highlighting the beautiful architecture of the ceiling.

© SouthIslandArt-Bespoke-print-StPancras.jpg
We are absolutely thrilled with your work. The original is stunning and perfect.
— Amy, New York, USA
© South Island Art-StPancras_Colours.jpg

The Colours

A light and airy palette, the couple’s preference was for light teals to dominate the piece, with a flash of hot pink alongside subtle accents of purple and orange.


The Details

I love it when a piece contains a hidden gem, something incredibly personal to you. In this case, the clock contains a reference to their anniversary - an extra-special touch. Amy and her partner have a unique visual that will last a lifetime, a constant reminder of a special moment.

© South Island Art-bespoke print-StPancras Clock.jpg