Fresh in: London skyline art print of Southbank

Featuring St Paul’s, the Shard, Southbank building classics and the ever-changing skyscraper line-up.


The Story

I love the view of the London skyline from the Golden Jubilee bridge. It’s my top place to view the city from - watching the crowds along Southbank, from local joggers to tourists, family days out and couples on dates, the traffic crossing the bridges as they stretch out before you, the boats passing by.


My Process

My process starts with a series of photos I’ve taken of the skyline and quick sketches to work out where the stripes should go. To create extra distinction and depth, I painted stripes for the sky and water on a canvas using Little Greene Paint Company paints. I’ll have a new post about this technique and my process coming soon.


The Colours

The idea for the colour palette started with a friend bringing a gorgeous bunch of tulips when she came over. The beautiful shade of pink and white against the stem green made me think of early morning skies and led to me running out to the paint shop just before it closed as I was desperate to get the idea down on canvas!


The Details

Intricate detailing on this print includes tiny parasols lining the top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall Rooftop Terrace - perfect for a drink on a sunny afternoon!