Just moved in: a custom print of London Tower Bridge made for a new home


The Story

I met Eloise and her husband at a South London market. They’d recently moved into their home and were looking for items that would bring a bright splash of colour. Once they’d checked the size of their space, they got in touch, interested in one of my Ready-made prints on a bigger scale, and customising another piece.

We love them!! The colour really pops on the wall - it has been such a good addition to our apartment and a nice reminder of our two homes. Thanks again for all your work - the end result is just wonderful.
— Eloise, London, UK

The Colours

Eloise mentioned that they’d just bought a beautiful rug in teals and felt the colours in a couple of my Ready-made prints would be perfect. They loved Clifftop Homes and wanted a custom version of London Tower Bridge in the colours of my London Bankside print.


The Process

My Ready-made prints can be customised in size and colour. If you choose to customise the colour, it becomes a one-off print that’s just for you - Eloise and her husband have a unique version of London Tower Bridge. In their case, as they had a more or less blank canvas to work with, they looked through my other prints to see if any would suit. Combining their print with Clifftop Homes creates such a stunning set - the colours are slightly different, but in complete harmony with each other.

Custom Art in situ.jpg