Behind-the-scenes: creating a new series of global location prints

Planning and creating a collection takes several months, sometimes even a year or longer. My new collection, which will be released in September, takes in city scenes from the UK and beyond. A collection that I’ll be adding to over time, here’s the inspiration and process that went into creating this first set.


The theme


Almost every trip, whether at home in the UK or on the other side of the world, results in a scene I’m longing to capture in a piece of art. Quirky architecture, infamous landmarks, the buzzy vibe of a regenerated area - just some of the themes behind the locations I chose for this collection of UK and global cityscapes and icons and you can read about why I love these locations so much here. This collection, like much of my work, is about celebrating those connections we form with a destination.


The colour palettes


This bunch of tulips, bought by a friend for our home, was my inspiration source for the new colour palettes. Early morning skies, evening sea blues with streaks of dusky pink as the sun disappears, pink and green tulip fields - these were just some of the ideas the flowers sparked!

Layering swatch sticks dipped in paint with interior fabric swatches help me explore combinations seeing how the colours work together and creating a look rooted what you’d find in your home decor.


The paints


The colours in this collection are dominated by Little Greene Paint Company paints, particularly pinks and blues whilst the greens are from Paint & Paper Library (Pale Georgian, Euphorbia and Chelsea Green). For these prints, I painted canvases to add extra depth and richness to my illustrations.


The drawings


I often have a few sketches of different views of the skyline or landmarks, and masses of photos taken on my travels to work from! Quick sketches help me work out which angle or viewpoint will make the most striking print.


Bringing it all together


Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new prints which will be due for release at the end of September. To be the first to get your hands on the limited editions, why not join my mailing list?