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Late summer breaks: Estoril & Caiscais, Portugal

The resorts of Estoril and Caiscais in are about a 40 minute train journey out of Lisbon. The route takes you along the coast, becoming more and more scenic as you approach the end of the line. It's postcard perfect - think pastel pink and yellow coloured villas on hills and dramatic, rocky coastlines, sunlight sparkling on the water and the sound of the waves hitting the rocks.

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The Toronto Islands

A short ferry ride from the Toronto harbour, the islands are beautiful. The views alone of the city skyline from so many different points and Lake Ontario (you really get a feel for how vast it is, more like an ocean!) are just one reason to go; lovely unspoilt beaches another. 

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Druridge Bay: Windy Coast

Late winter and the wind is blowing in your face, feeling like it's going right through you, even with every layer you can fit on under your coat. It's overcast but not raining, making for a bracing, scenic coastal walk in Druridge Bay Country Park, near Amble in North East England. This stretch of coast became the inspiration for several paintings and colourways - you can't fail to be inspired with what seems like a million different tones of blues and greys in the sky and sea.

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