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Special Places Illustration

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My special places illustrations are prints of buildings and places significant to you.

They could be portraits of your home, a much loved landscape from a holiday or a landmark with extra-special meaning.


Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

Millennium Stadium_Bespoke_10_Dtl.JPG
It is AMAZING...oh man it’s beautiful. I can’t wait to get it framed! I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait to give it to him until our anniversary!
— Meredith, Georgia, USA

House Portraits

An illustration of your home, childhood or present, in my signature style and colours of your choosing. 

Landscapes or Landmarks

Perhaps there's a building or a scene from a holiday that holds a special memory and meaning to you. Often commissioned as anniversary gifts, any landmark or landscape can be illustrated especially for you. 

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Venue illustration highlights


St Pancras Station

A large-scale print of the interior of St Pancras focusing on the ceiling detail and clock, commissioned to celebrate an anniversary. The print includes a hidden reference to the couple’s anniversary, in colours they loved.


California Road Trip

A trio of prints to capture highlights from an epic road trip across California. The colours take you through different times of day for each setting, with a few colours common to all prints to link them together. Extra special details include an illustration of the car driven in the print captions.

NZ Honeymoon Wedding Anniversary Commission Print_S.jpg

Honeymoon in New Zealand art print

Commissioned as an anniversary gift for the client’s husband, this scene was based on a photo taken while on their honeymoon in New Zealand.


North Cornwall Coast

A bespoke print of the North Cornish coastline commissioned by an interior designer for her client.

We are absolutely thrilled with your work...The original is stunning and perfect.
— Amy, New York, USA