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An Artist's Top 5 London Parks

An Artist's Top 5 London Parks

According to the City Hall website, there are around 3000 public parks and open spaces across London. You’ll find everything from tiny squares to huge expanses of land with reservoirs or canals. They play a huge part in providing respite from city life.

A wintery Richmond Park with lake reflections. Text reads My Top 5 London Parks.

Eight parks across London are Royal Parks - owned by The Crown and managed for the Government by The Royal Parks charity,  Hyde Park, The Green Park, Richmond Park, Greenwich Park, St James’s Park, Bushy Park and The Regent’s Park, and Kensington Gardens. (Three of my top five are Royal Parks).

Here are five of my favourite London parks for views, wildlife and simply a space to get away from it all.

Richmond Park


Known for its wild herds of deer and old Oak Trees, Richmond Park is a National Nature Reserve. I never realised just how big the park was, nor how tranquil a place it could be, especially on a winter’s weekday afternoon. The huge expanses of open space provide such a respite from the rest of the city - you can easily forget you’re in London.

Battersea Park

The fountains at Battersea Park

A Victorian park, Battersea Park has pretty much everything. Spread across 200 acres are green spaces, a lake, gallery, children’s zoo, mini-golf and a Go-Ape treetop course, sports pitches and one of 80 peace pagodas in the world. From riverside views to fountains and open space, you’ll find a corner to sit and take it all in.

St James’s Park


When I was working in central London, I used to walk from Victoria Station to Soho as part of my commute. Most often, I’d walk through Green Park, but if time allowed, I would take a longer route through St James’s Park. And the odd lunchtime, especially on a warm summer’s day, I’d try and have lunch there - although busy with workers and tourists! I love how the planting changes throughout the seasons, the wildlife - where else in the city can you see pelicans just roaming freely! - and those views across the lake in either direction - Buckingham Palace or London Eye, Horse Guards and Big Ben.

Crystal Palace Park


My first ‘proper’ visit to Crystal Palace Park was on one of those really crisp winter's days, and when the sun came out from behind the clouds it created this incredible light across the landscape. The Dinosaurs are one of the most well-known features of the park and the sculptures, dating back to the 1850s, are so beautiful to see. Although acknowledged that they're not accurate from what we now know, these were the first time this kind of modelling had been attempted. There’s also a Boating Lake, and the Italian Terraces with sphinxes are worth seeing for gorgeous views.

Greenwich Park


That iconic view of the London skyline from the Royal Observatory definitely draws the crowds, and it’s easy to see why. The rolling grass drops down to the Royal Naval College and river, and it’s a case of spotting how many landmarks and skyscrapers you can name. But beyond that, there are museums to visit (stand on the Prime Meridian at the Royal Observatory), The Queen’s Orchard with fruit trees that date back to the 1500s, The Flower Garden with stunning seasonal planting, a Rose Garden and more. There’s always something to see or just stop for a while with a picnic and drink in that skyline!

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