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Launch: My new colourful Abstract Travel Art collection

Launch: My new colourful Abstract Travel Art collection

An attention-seeking collection of travel-inspired abstract art looking to fill homes with colour through original paintings, limited-edition art prints and home accessories and gifts.

Wanderlust. Carefree. Nostalgia

Set of abstract prints by South Island Art on wall above pink sofa

Those three words sum up my new abstract art collection. This collection holds a special place in my heart, created as an expression of the feelings we experience through travel and the memories that linger long after.

This strange year and lack of travel has made me realise just how much discovering places brings us. A change of scenery for me is like pressing your own reset button in so many ways - mentally, emotionally and physically. It can breathe fresh air and new perspectives that stay with us forever -forming long-lasting connections with places and culture and people, both those we travel with and those we meet.

South Island Art tea towel and red coasters with abstract pattern on kitchen table with recipe book

These pieces are a nod to nostalgic memories of past trips with family and friends and future experiences yet to come. Through colour and shape, our memories and emotions are explored. Whether reminiscent of laid-back and carefree moments or adrenaline-fueled adventures, this is a distinctive collection to give each of us room to interpret and express our own feelings and personality.

Tour my abstract art collection

A tour of my abstract art collection showing original paintings, limited-edition art prints and colourful home accessories and gift sets.

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