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Creative ways to fill your home with art

Creative ways to fill your home with art

Thinking beyond the wall

Usually when I’m considering for art for my home, my first thought is for something to fill empty walls or spaces on walls. However, there are so many ways in which art can enhance our homes beyond impact on a wall - and as someone with little wall space left, here are some alternative ideas.

Art for the bedroom

Folded quilts over chair. Image via

Image via

Lacking space on your bedroom walls for art? Combine comfort, cosiness and art in one with handmade quilted bedding. These quilts, especially patchwork, are so rich in stories - just imagine curling up beneath one on a cold winter’s evening. They’re also something to pass on through the generations.

Blue and yellow large scale quilted bedspread by Abigail Beverly

Quilted bedspread by Abigail Beverly

I am in awe of this gorgeous quilted bedspread by Abigail Beverly. Made for a 40th birthday present, what an incredible creation it would have been to gift and receive - so much love and soul contained within each segment and carefully chosen piece of fabric. Abby also creates baby quilts that are personalised in colour, name and date for a newborn baby gift like no other.

Art for the dining room

Textured ceramic dishes with fruit on via

Ceramic plates and cups with abstract circular patterns. Image via

Images via

Why not make an everyday occasion out of sitting down and eating together at the dining table? Having spent more time than ever over the last year dining at home, I’ve certainly looked for ways to make it feel more special.

For a contemporary spin on patterned china, you could add beautiful ceramic plates with abstract shapes or subtle florals. Handmade ceramics throw up all kinds of beautiful shapes and patterns.

We use my placemats and coasters to dress our dining table. Being washable, they’re practical for everyday use and I love the pops of colour they bring. I have a few sets on rotation, swapping them when we want to freshen the look.

South Island Art London Landmarks placemats

Art for the living room

There are a multitude of possibilities to bring art into your living room, from beautiful glass vases to jesmonite plant stands. You can even use art in furniture like coffee tables.

Repurposed coffee tables by Liz Trumble

Repurposed coffee tables by Liz Trumble


I love the work of Liz Trumble, and am in the process of commissioning a table-top piece (and a side table!) for our living room. Liz repurposes found and disused objects (often ones used for industrial purposes such as old copper drum reels) and turns them into long-lasting, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, often incorporating her love of aluminium. I first came across Liz’s work through her handcrafted jewellery - immediately drawn by her striking colours. She will be transforming an old Ikea unit for us.

Art for the kitchen

Colourful utensils for the kitchen by Louisa of Millennial MenuColourful utensils for the kitchen by Louisa of Millennial Menu

Things we use everyday can be transformed into practical works of art. Cutlery and utensils that bring a bit of magic to cooking dinner. Louisa set up Millenial Menu to combine her love of food and creativity. Her hand-painted utensils are full of colour and pattern.

South Island Art tea towels

South Island Art tea towels

My colourful tea towels are a low-effort, maximum impact way to bring art into the kitchen. Hang them on a hook and let them drape in various ways; fold them over the oven rail and display a different section of art each time.

Hope these ideas have provided a bit of inspiration to think beyond the walls when it comes to art in your home!

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