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How to gift an art commission

How to gift an art commission

One-of-a-kind, meaningful and something to keep forever (or even pass down through generations). An art commission really is a gift like no other, a true family treasure. It holds so much emotion and says so much. Whilst such a delight to give and receive, making decisions on behalf of someone else can sometimes feel a little scary - here are a few tips on how to remove those worries.

Help from the inside

If you’re unsure about colour or size, could you ask someone who lives with your friend or family member? Their partner for example? If they’re able to capture a few photos of their home, or advise where a piece could go, it will give you extra confidence when making choices.

Jo had help from her Mum when we created this art print for her Dad for Christmas - sending photos of their apartment to show their decor along with the view we were going to create.

See commissions that have been gifted for Christmas

Bespoke commission on hallway wall

“This print was a Christmas present for my father. It is the view from his balcony. I cannot tell you how delighted he was when he opened it. Nor how easy and inspiring the process was from my end. Cannot recommend South Island Art enough. Thank you so much. Will be back for another commission very shortly.”

— Jo, Surrey, UK

A gift with options

As part of my commission process, you receive a mini-proof before any final piece is produced. This is printed on the same paper as the final piece, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

If you prefer, give your loved one the mini-proof to open as their present, for example on their birthday or Christmas Day. This involves them in the special process of their creation whilst eliminating any pressure you might feel.

We can even create a range of colour variations with the mini-proofs so that your loved one has lots to choose from and gets to be part of the final decision process.

Just send me an email to find out more or get in touch with any questions:

Options for a customised print

Emma wanted to customise my St Pancras print for her brother for Christmas. She gave him a set of colour proofs to open on Christmas Day, so that her brother could make the final choice of print for his home in January.



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