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Ideas for gallery & feature wall layouts

Ideas for gallery & feature wall layouts

Some of my favourite ways to display pictures is by creating a feature or gallery wall. Feature walls tend to be one wall in a room that makes a bold statement using paint, wallpaper or perhaps even a piece of art or photograph. Gallery walls create an impact by combining groups of photos and /or art.

The looks you can achieve are endless and I've created some sample layouts for a few rooms as a starting point for your ideas.

Living room feature walls

Used carefully, a statement wall colour can really bring your art to life. Neutral colours will let your pictures shout.

Living room gallery walls

Combine a series of prints and your favourite photos and memories. To make the look work at its best, use similar colours or themes.

A clipboard gallery or a series of images on a picture ledge is a great way to keep things fresh - you can easily change and update, or mix it up with the kids masterpieces.

Top tip: layout your pictures on the floor first to get an idea of how they will all fit together.

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