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Our travel-inspired wedding with a colourful spin

When travel and places are such a huge part of your shared story, they infiltrate every little bit of your lives. Our wedding was always going to be themed around our love for travel and with my background as a graphic designer, I was always going to create a ‘brand'!

Our colourful style: a bright and bold wedding colour scheme

It was a collection of items that inspired our scheme, but one look at our home and wardrobe and you’d see the colours were perfect for us. If they weren’t already on our walls or home accessories, they were in our clothes! I wanted to create a look that captured our style;  contemporary and colourful, yet with a strong sense of romance, softening the richness of royal blues and teals with gentle pinks. 

With my colour obsession, the details followed through into everything. My bridesmaids each wore a different shade of blue or teal, choosing their own dress top style. The flower girls dresses matched the colour of the pocket squares and ties for the groomsmen. Royal blue and mint ribbons used on the invitations, placecards and favours all linked back to the outfits, including my wedding shoes and hair pins!

Creating a cohesive look for our travel-inspired wedding stationery 

We wanted a mix of references to the places we loved, from subtle abstract details such as a striped bar inspired by boarding pass bar codes, to illustrations of our venues. The same set of elements - typefaces, colours, stripes and my illustrations - followed through into every bit of stationery, from invitations to signs on the day. The consistency created a harmonious, vibrant look whilst making everything work harder. It also helped keep us focused and on track when making decoration decisions in particular - it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of choice out there!

Bringing travel into our wedding

Our table names were all places we’d been to together and along with my illustrations and our own photos of the location, each one included a line about why that place was special to us. Placecards referenced luggage tags, with alternating colours and ribbon.

Our wedding card box was recycled from a delivery box and beautifully wrapped for us by my sister-in-law in different sheets of map paper sourced from Stanfords.

A fabulous team

We were incredibly lucky to have an amazing team for our day. Where possible, we wanted to support independent brands, such as our family-run venue Le Gothique. The following (and this isn’t an ad in any way) is just a handful of the many, many people we’d like to highlight for their impeccable eye for detail.

Huge thanks to Sophie Duckworth Photography for all the on-the-day photos in this post. Fabulous, fun with a distinctive colourful style and absolutely fantastic to work with. The moments she’s captured have taken our breath away. Instagram: @duck_photo

Hair & makeup was by Sharon Roberts Hairdressing and Mel Kinsman Makeup. I’ve known Sharon for the best part of 18 years (during which time she has been the only person to cut and colour my hair!!) and her decades of experience in preparing brides and their entourage is second-to-none. 

The stunning wedding cake was made by my mum! And my gorgeous lace halter-neck dress hand-made by my incredible cousin Tasha. We sourced the fabrics from The Silk Society in Berwick St, Soho. 

My hair accessories (made to match my ribbon swatches) and wedding shoes were handmade by Shelly Bond Bridal and Becci Boo’s Custom Shoes.

Getting married?

If you’re getting married and would like to find out how I can create something memorable for your big day, please drop me a line: or use the button to send me a message.