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An artist’s perspective on colours of the year 2024

An artist’s perspective on colours of the year 2024

Do colours of the year influence the choices you make in your home? Often released in the Autumn onwards, many big interiors paint brands have a colour they think will feature a lot in our homes over the next year.

One thing I’ve noticed is that many of 2024's colours have a soft, muted feel. The idea of creating a sense of calm seems to permeate through all the choices.

Here I’ve created visual moodboards based on paint brands in the UK, as well as Pantone.

Pantone: Peach Fuzz

Moodboard for Peach Fuzz with art, nature and architectural images

A warm, peachy hue, this colour represents kindness, connection and comfort.

Dulux: Sweet Embrace

Sweet Embrace moodboard with art and nature images

This colour brings all the cosy feels. It’s a colour Dulux describe as a soft and welcoming pink that brings peace, stability, calm and friendliness to our spaces. I’m definitely a fan of opting for warmer colours rather than cool in our home and this colour does intrigue me. I’d love to try it alongside perhaps a more overt warm pink.

Graham & Brown: Viridis

Visual moodboard for Viridis with art and greenery images

Chosen for its soothing nature, the olivey green Viridis also has a warmth to it. I’d love to pair it with some warmer blue-greens or soft pinks.

Valspar: Renew Blue

Moodboard for Renew Blue with art, water and greenery images

Renew Blue is a colour right up my street. A soft and warm green-blue, it has this feel of tranquility. I think it would be gorgeous in a space with some warm, creamy neutrals, perhaps some deeper blues and light wood.

Let me know what you think of these colours!

📸 the photography in the moodboards is sourced from Unsplash. The art is my own, either adapted or already matching the colours. 

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