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From pencil scribble to shimmering print: how my Christmas Card collection came to life

From pencil scribble to shimmering print: how my Christmas Card collection came to life

The foundations of my Christmas collection: cosy, warm, contemporary, magical

I love the magic of Christmas - the warmth, joy and sparkle of coming together with loved ones, connections and celebrations.

Christmas cards for me have always been a way of connecting with people, even when we're far apart. As a child, we lived abroad and I remember my mum sitting down to write Christmas cards to friends and family across the globe. Even now, I love the anticipation of receiving a card, knowing someone has thought of you no matter where you or they are.

When creating my Christmas Card range, I wanted the illustrations to encapsulate those sensations with a contemporary touch. The key for me was to find the balance between modern and magic. Designs to evoke the warmth of a crackling fire on a snowy night, with crisp lines for a contemporary style.

Christmas moodboard inspiration

Crafting holiday magic

Like most of my illustrations and paintings, the collection started with scribbles in a notebook. I wanted magic, sparkle and cosiness to come from fluid paint and the finished print, and the contemporary style from digital illustration.

Thinking about the feel of the season, I explored traditional Christmas icons - trees, baubles, stockings - along with wintery landscapes and starry nights. There were plenty of experiments along the way!

Work in progress for Christmas cards

The complete collection: The Wonder of Christmas

Each illustration in the collection layers original painted elements with crisp geometric shapes. I chose a sustainably sourced pearlescent card for print to enhance the magical quality. The shimmer and glow create a rich and luxurious feel to each card for a thoughtful greeting that makes loved ones feel special, a piece of art to keep and treasure.

My Christmas collection is available as individual greetings cards or as a set of 5.

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