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New Collection: Terra Firma — Art for a serene home

New Collection: Terra Firma — Art for a serene home

Refreshing art for a calm and restful home

Terra Firma is a collection of art inspired by the peace found in nature's landscapes. With restful and reviving pieces that transport you to other worlds, it offers simple ways to make your home a serene haven.

Capturing the beauty and tranquility of different destinations, this series is about creating a space at home where we can escape to those calming locations. From the vastness of otherworldly volcanic landscapes to ancient woodland, they instil a sense of calm in your home.

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Why Terra Firma?

This collection explores how different natural landscapes can make us feel, especially that sense of perspective and feeling grounded.

Each landscape captures a different memory and feeling. There are breathtaking, awe-inspiring scenes from majestic deserts and volcanoes, the freshness of woodland wonders, to the pockets of joy we can find in our own urban back gardens.

Creating an uplifting yet restful collection

A collection often begins with several ideas - and for this one, I probably had about 20-30 different sketches! Some pieces didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped, others have been set aside whilst I mull them over and explore different techniques.

The six pieces in this launch combine serenity with a playful sense of adventure. Art we can use to create beautiful, cosy corners for relaxing into. Pieces to spark memories as well as ideas for future travels.

Each piece has its own colour palette and blends bold, architectural shapes with layers of painted textures. There’ll be a post coming soon with ideas for interior paint colours you can use in your home to enhance the feel of these pieces.

Colours to lift the mood in any room:

Waterlily House: tropical and uplifting

The Sound of Birdsong: serene and tranquil

Sunset Over The Mountains: warm and inviting

The Secret Cove: (greetings card) restorative and calming

The Rose Garden: (greetings card) reviving and refreshing

In The Desert: (greetings card) sunny and peaceful

The materials in Terra Firma

The limited-edition prints are produced on eco-fine-art and archival agave paper. 70% of the paper is made from agave sisal fibres whilst cotton makes up the remaining 30%.

The greetings cards are printed on FSC-certified, sustainably sourced and recyclable cardstock with a gorgeous, pearlescent sheen.

Create a relaxing and stylish space with art inspired by nature: Explore the collection

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