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New Collection Inspiration: The peaceful destinations behind my Terra Firma series

New Collection Inspiration: The peaceful destinations behind my Terra Firma series

Terra Firma, my latest art collection, is inspired by breathtaking natural landscapes that embody tranquility, escapism, peace, and adventure. These mesmerising pieces draw inspiration from a diverse array of locations, some of which seem almost otherworldly. In this blog, we'll journey through the destinations that had the strongest influences on this collection.

In Wallington, Northumberland (a National Trust country house and gardens), there was an inscription on a fountain inside a conservatory, referencing one on the Pincian Hill in Rome, with a powerful message about finding solace in nature. ‘When wearied and overwrought by study or affairs of business, repair to these haunts and refresh your mind by a stroll amidst the flowers.’ I think this perfectly sums up why I wanted to create this collection and the places behind the art.

Waterlily House: Kew Gardens, London UK

There is something so appealing about glasshouses in botanical gardens. The moment you step inside, you're enveloped by that change in climate and humidity when you enter, transporting you to another world. The sight of all kinds of plants from all over the globe. Riots of colour, but with a sense of peace.

Waterlily House is inspired by Waterlily House in Kew Gardens. The Gardens are without doubt one of my favourite places to be. The waterlilies inside the glasshouse are absolutely magnificent, however, there is also a small outdoor pond. Check before you visit as Waterlily House closes for the winter.

For those intrigued by the behind-the-scenes magic, have a look at the Channel 5 (UK) series that offers a fascinating glimpse into the year-long maintenance and care of the remarkable Waterlily House.

The Sound of Birdsong: Brockholes, Preston UK

Brockholes in Preston is a nature reserve managed by the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. Once an old sand and gravel quarry, it is now a haven for wildlife. There are all kinds of habitats to be found, from ancient woodland to lakes. There’s even a visitor centre that floats on the lake!

We visited in spring and were treated to the sounds of all kinds of birdsong amplified in the woodland, with particularly chatty great tits, blue tits, coal tits and nuthatches. In all honesty, I felt like I was back in the magical land of my childhood imagination, where storybooks and fairytales had come to life. It was like we’d stumbled into someone else’s home, but the creatures took no notice. A little water vole was scuttling in and out from under a log whilst birds darted up and down between the same log and branches. All this coupled with the sight of native bluebells creating a carpet across the woodland floor. I’m not sure how long we stood watching, utterly mesmerised.

Interested in visiting Brockholes? Find out more on their website.

Sunset Over The Mountains: Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Whilst Lanzarote features twice in this list, it was a trip to both Lanzarote and Fuerteventura that fuelled so much inspiration. The volcanic landscapes and lava rocks were like nothing I’d ever seen before. Comparisons are made between the terrain of Lanzarote and Mars, and astronauts have been sent there for geology training (source: European Space Agency). The landscapes truly take your breath away. Seeing the sun disappear behind the rugged shapes of the volcanoes, casting this warm glow across the sky and mountains, was incredible.

The Rose Garden: Regent’s Park, London, UK

Also: Melbourne Botanical Gardens and gardens of family and friends

From formal rose gardens in botanical gardens and parks to my parents' back garden, I adore them all. It’s a dream to one day have a rose garden of my own!

Queen Mary’s Gardens in Regent’s Park has a spectacular display, with around 12000 roses planted there. Row upon row of beds of abundant roses, in so many colours and varieties - it is a stunning sight. Early June is the best time to see them bloom.

In The Desert: deserts around Arizona & Nevada, USA

When we visited Las Vegas, we took a helicopter trip to The Grand Canyon. The surrounding landscape around Lake Mead was again otherworldly and the vastness was hard to comprehend. We stopped in the desert for refuelling, and it never fails to amaze me how plants can thrive in what seems like the harshest of conditions. Cacti and Joshua trees, the sound of the gravelly terrain underfoot, the warmth of the sun high in the sky - those were the strongest influences on In The Desert.

The Secret Cove: Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Hiking up and down stark, desert-like landscapes and finding the softest, sandiest beaches tucked into coves inspired The Secret Cove. Crystal clear sparkling waters, dramatic cliffs rising up on either side of a series of beaches - it was an unforgettable sight. Playa de Papagayo itself is no secret, however, but the other beaches that are part of Los Ajaches Natural Park are also incredibly beautiful, and can be quieter.

Coming soon: Elephant Safari: Sri Lanka.

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