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From Bali to Sydney: an interior designer's 5 gorgeous getaways

From Bali to Sydney: an interior designer's 5 gorgeous getaways

This edition of Gorgeous Getaways, a series of travel highlights, is by Natasha, founder of the award-winning interior design agency NB Interiors. I first came across her gorgeous style on Instagram, drawn to her warm and welcoming colourful interiors. Her location choices - from bustling city breaks to unwinding on tranquil beaches - will leave you longing to pack a suitcase and head off to the other side of the world! 

1. London

Photo by Olga Melnikova, via

“I don’t think there is anywhere like London, some come close but I love the juxtaposition of gritty urban areas, regal streets, architecture and modern skyscrapers. So fast-paced but so inventive, creative, ever-changing and inspiring. I’ll never tire of London.”

Natasha’s favourite spots to visit are Spitalfields and all around Brick Lane, Shoreditch for indie shops, great markets and food, and Camden for the best live music.

2. New York

Photo by Zac Ong, via

“As a lover of cities, New York is up there with one of the best. The tranquility of Central Park amongst the vastness of the busy city is a lovely place to escape to. The Meatpacking district was super cool and had great vintage shops.”

Must-visit: She highly recommends visiting Williamsburg, which she found to have a similar vibe to London, with plenty of quirky eateries, fabulous vintage and boutique shops to explore, and of course, fantastic views of Manhattan.

And if you're also a fan of New York, you can browse my Iconic NYC print, inspired by the city's architecture.

3. Bali

Photo by Bao Menglong, via 

Whilst Bali can be really busy in parts, Natasha loved the culture, friendly people and the calm and relaxation of the neighbouring Gili islands.

The Gili Islands are an archipelago of three small islands, with no cars allowed. They offer something for everyone, from relaxing on beaches and spas to water sports, diving and hiking. Find out more about the islands.

Must-see: The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary (Ubud Monkey Forest). A nature reserve and temple complex with over 1200 long-tiled macaque monkeys, Natasha describes wandering through with monkeys just watching you as quite the experience! 

4. Sydney

Photo by Madeleine Ragsdale, via 

“A city with a beach is my perfect kind of combination! With such a laid-back vibe, great shopping, and a zoo on an island!! And with out-of-this-world walks along the coast, it was one of my fave places to live for a short while. You can’t beat sitting on Bondi Beach, such an iconic beach, then the walk from here to Coogee was stunning!”

The Bondi to Coogee coastal walk is a footpath that takes you alongside the ocean, through cliffs and gorgeous beaches, with breathtaking views. You can see my own experience of the walk here

5. Italy

Photos by Amit Janco and Marco Chilese, via 

Natasha says anywhere in Italy gets her vote - the people are so friendly, the food is always to die for and whether you’re exploring the coast or inland, it’s so picturesque!

Top recommendations: She especially loves Tuscany and her favourite city is Rome - visit for the history and see the Colosseum, but make sure you also head to the less touristy areas of the city…this is definitely where you find the best food!

Gorgeous Getaways is a collection of destination highlights from different members of the South Island Art community. Each person shares their unique viewpoints on their top 5 places. See the full series of posts.

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