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Botanical prints inspired by dreamy gardens across the globe

Botanical prints inspired by dreamy gardens across the globe

Travel around the world from Boston, USA to Melbourne, Australia and enhance your mood with these botanical art prints. Perfect for creating a serene and relaxing vibe in your home.

Our need to find ways in which to connect with nature inside our homes seems evident now more than ever. We can look to colour - calming greens an obvious choice - use natural materials and textures in furniture and accessories, and of course art. Here are a few gardens that have inspired some of my prints.

Botanical gardens and my prints inspired by them

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK

I often say how Kew Gardens might be one of my favourite places in London. Over the years, we’ve tried to visit during different seasons. There’s always so much to see and discover in each season, but early evenings during summer is what I love the most! The light cast on Palm House by the setting sun creates such a tranquil, dreamy atmosphere and one I wanted to evoke in my print.

Boston Public Garden, USA

Warm and sunny with a bit of a breeze in the shade; trees full of blossom and tulips of every colour - that’s how I remember a trip to Boston’s Public Garden one late spring. Late enough for the famous Swan Boats to be running, and absolutely beautiful in the sunshine. This print, layered with detail, is designed to instil a sense of calm and peace, capturing the magic of springtime in the city.

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne Australia

An incredibly tranquil oasis in the city, the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne is classed as amongst the world’s best. 38 hectares worth of gorgeous landscaping and the setting around the lake a peaceful haven. During our visit, a little boat came into view, creating a perfect, idyllic scene.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Another peaceful haven in a bustling city, Gardens By The Bay is a beautiful setting, with skyscrapers as its backdrop. Famous for its Supertrees (you can see some to the right in this photo) which are incredible constructions, the views throughout are stunning. My favourite part was wandering around the Dragon Lake, surrounded by a beautiful boardwalk - also in this photo - with trees swaying in the breeze, gorgeous colour surrounding you and a tropical climate. A picturesque landscape to come back to time and again and the inspiration for my Boardwalk print.

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