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Back to nature - art prints of South London Commons

Back to nature - art prints of South London Commons

Bringing the outside into our homes for a botanical boost to soothe our souls.

Location inspiration: Wandsworth, Clapham and Tooting Commons

Wintery Wandsworth Common with ducks on lake

We’re lucky where we live that we are within walking distance of three South London parks - Wandsworth, Clapham and Tooting Commons. They have provided a much needed connection to nature throughout our time living here; and more so than ever during the last year.

Creating my illustrations of the parks

Details on my Wandsworth Common print include ducks and walkers

The cafe on Tooting Bec Common with a couple of people sat at its tables

The bandstand of Clapham Common takes centre stage in my art print

Art that brings an instant uplift

These prints have been a joy to create. Looking for details in how nature and the landscape changed each season, I combined shape and colour, digital illustration and canvas to enhance those moments and bring them to life. The prints all use the same palette of colours, with painted canvases used as the backdrops for each season. The paints used on the canvases are all interior wall emulsion for pieces that will seamlessly fit in with any decor style.

They’re designed to create a cosy focal point in your home, bringing an instant uplift to the way we feel.

Browse my mood-boosting botanical prints of South London Commons

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