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Creating an abstract wanderlust art collection

Creating an abstract wanderlust art collection

Behind-the-scenes: the inspiration and process in creating my new art collection

The theme - nostalgia, wanderlust and art combined

Over the summer I worked on a new abstract art collection that explores our connections with travel and what it brings us, combining wanderlust and nostalgia through colour and geometric shapes. It’s about expressing the feelings we experience when we travel and our connections with places and people. A look back to nostalgic, joyful memories of past trips with family and friends and carefree moments, and a look forward to new adventures, be they on our doorstep or somewhere new.

The travel inspiration

The travel inspiration for the collection is a mix of laid-back, youthful wandering and adrenaline-fueled on-the-go adventures. Marveling at breathtaking landscapes on idyllic islands; watching the sunset over the ocean whilst chilled music plays in beach bars; to the vibrancy of man-made wonders in modern architectural cities.

Collection creation & preview

Behind-the-scenes creating my abstract geometric art collection and a preview of the finished pieces. Music by

The pieces will range from original paintings on canvas to geometric art prints, colourful homeware and thoughtful gifts.

There will be limited numbers of gift sets available - join my mailing list to be the first to know when they are released.

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