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Beautiful ocean landscapes - colour and travel inspiration for my art

Beautiful ocean landscapes - colour and travel inspiration for my art


From my series of ‘typical’ photos that I take on holiday, this post focuses on ocean views and landscapes where the sea meets the sky and why I love capturing them. The ocean and waterside scenery provide so much inspiration for both my art and our own home decor.

view of blue ocean from SydneyPerfect blues from Sydney, Australia

Ocean views

I tend to take landscape photos focusing on the horizon and where the sky meets the sea. These scenes for me give me such a sense of perspective, seeing that endless water stretching out - and most are serene, soothing moments. Contrast the soft, sunny Sydney, Nerja and Tenerife scenes with the power of Niagara Falls and the North Sea at Whitley Bay, England!

Tenerife, Canary Islands

South Island Art ocean inspiration from Tenerife

Sparkling turquoise blues of the Atlantic ocean. Turquoise, a balance between blue and green, is thought of as an energising and uplifting colour. Blues are long thought of as calming, soothing colours.

Niagara Falls (Horseshoe Falls), Canada

The force of water from Niagara Falls

You can hear the roar of the water from quite a distance, just look at the force and spray it generates!

Whitley Bay, England

Waves crashing against promenade barrier in Whitley Bay, England

The strength of the North Sea waves rolling in and crashing against the promenade barriers.

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