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Close-up of hand painted multicoloured stripes on a painting by South Island Art.

An abstract pair of paintings commissioned to express soul and personality

Having just moved in to their new home, this well travelled couple wanted to bring their rooms to life and reflect their personalities.

We discussed themes, colours and size - the couple were looking for large paintings that would make an impact in their space. They wanted the pieces to feel free and vibrant, from loose stripes to poured paint covering the canvases.

Section of an original painting showing ribbons of red and yellow paint intersecting and filling a white canvas.

Using swatches and sketches, I created small-scale mock-ups of how the paintings would look.

12 years on, they are now a family of four and the wall colour in the living room recently changed. Both paintings still hang in the same place. The right piece of art, especially when made for you, will travel with you through decor updates and even moving to a completely new place. These are your stories that will last forever, made in colours you love.

Create your special place

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