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Detail of bespoke Reigate Hill art print with woodland, fields, hills and houses.

Bringing nature indoors: a bespoke landscape of dreamy scene

Commissioned as a gift for his milestone birthday, the chosen location, Reigate Hill in Surrey, was one of my client’s favourite places to be.

Reigate Hill bespoke art print in a natural wooden frame on a pale muted green wall.

Reigate Hill, Surrey Commission

Reigate Hill is a place that brings such peace, especially when you stand at the top of the hill, gazing out across the fields below, dotted with little houses and interspersed with rows of woodland. My client described it as seeing squares of colour - blues, yellows and of course, all those lush, lush forest greens. His brief was to incorporate those colours, and reflect that sense of awe and serenity.

Detail of Reigate Hill illustrated art print dotted with colourful houses.

Expressive marks to reflect nature

Layered with textures, shapes and so many tiny details, this piece took a few months to draw. I explored different ways of making marks to illustrate the different elements of the landscape from woodland with rows of trees packed tightly together, to the stripey agricultural land and endless rolling hills, each revealing something new. The finished art print is something to look at time and again, bringing those moments of peace and serenity into my client’s own home, anytime he wants.

Zoomed out detail of Reigate Hill bespoke art print for a broader view of the illustration with sky, hills, woodland and homes.

Create a landscape that reflects you

I am available for both private and trade / public commissions. To find out more about how we can work together, please get in touch.