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A mesmerising original painting commission

Lorna was looking for bespoke wall art to fill a large, empty wall in her living room. She liked the idea of a painting, with natural, loosely painted stripes. The result? An abstract, seascape original painting inspired by a location special to her - bringing meaning and colour to her home through art.

Filling an empty wall with colour

Lorna got in touch after she’d seen an abstract, striped painting commission I’d created, looking for something to fill her large living room wall. A quick look through her Instagram feed revealed some stunning photos she’d taken whilst on a hike in the Seven Sisters region - perfect to interpret and bring personal meaning to her piece of art.

The process

Lorna sent me a quick video tour of her home so I could get a feel for the colours in her decor. It revealed pieces she loved and colours she was drawn to - tiny accents in soft furnishings and accessories. She wanted a colourful piece - without it turning into a rainbow riot of colour. The mauves I spotted made me think of a sunrise colour theme for her seascape, and she requested light greens to bring a freshness to the room.

I sent her photos of sketches - pencil and then painted - to make sure she was happy with the composition and colours - before working up the final piece.

One of my favourite parts of this painting is the pearlescent effect on the water, adding a gentle, subtle shimmer as the light catches it.

“It’s quite mesmerising looking at the sunrise behind the hills... thank you, I love it.” — Lorna, Kent, UK.

– Lorna, Kent, UK

Create your special place

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