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Bespoke wedding anniversary gift: Honeymoon in New Zealand

Bespoke art print of New Zealand lake and mountains, illustrated in bright blues and oranges.

Meredith, based in Georgia, USA, was looking for an anniversary gift for her husband, an original print interpreting a beautiful scene they’d captured on their honeymoon in New Zealand. Taken during a trek on New Zealand’s South Island, the landscape was absolutely breathtaking. Beyond the immediate rugged hills and mountains full of flora and fauna, the lake stretched out as far as you could see, disappearing into mist as it met the horizon.

A calming, lush landscape scene capturing memories of a couple’s honeymoon

Meredith planned to hang the print in an area of their home full of eclectic art, so I had free reign with the colour palette. I took inspiration from their photo and the colours of the landscape itself which was full of the most exquisite blues I’d ever seen, setting a challenge to create the same vibrancy in the finished print. I looked to Fenwick & Tilbrook (Wells Harbour) and Dulux (Taffeta Dream) for the rich turquoise blues of the lake and warm yellows from Little Greene Paint Company. The overall effect was fresh yet comforting, with soothing blues drawing you in to the print.

Echoing the dramatic shapes in the landscape,the mountains and flora are filled with tiny multicoloured stripes and shapes and colour layered over each other. The velvety paper absorbs the vibrant inks, adding an extra richness to the print that will be a lifetime reminder of an incredible honeymoon.

“Lost in the shuffle of travel, I hadn’t yet posted about M’s anniversary gift! This one-of-a-kind print was designed by South Island Art, and it is just stunning. The subject - my favourite photo from New Zealand - is so cleverly(and faithfully!) recreated. I feel the same awe looking at it as I did atop Isthmus Peak, which is not an easy feat...just ask all the people I’ve annoyed with my obsessive retellings of our trip! I’m dumbfounded when I see such indelible contributions to art, and especially honored at the care Rowana took throughout. It’s not often that one receives a gift like this. All the thanks in the world to M for spoiling me rotten.”

– Matthew, Georgia, USA

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