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A personalised art print of a nursery school location

A family’s way of saying thank you with an extra-special gift - an original art print filled to the brim with joy. O got in touch after she saw a print of a house portrait I’d created for one of her friends. She was looking for an extra-special gift to give to the nursery her child attended, a unique piece that would capture the essence of the nursery - a place filled with happiness and love.

Bespoke, colourful illustration of a children's nursery playground by South Island Art.

A one-of-a-kind thank you gift

The photos O sent through showed a delightful outside play area. Rather than a geographically correct piece, we discussed the idea of my Skyline Stories concept - a print made up of a collection of different elements of the outside space to evoke the feel of a truly wonderful, happy place.

Joyful memories & playful colour

The nursery had spots of bright yellows, pinks and blues in their play area, which was the perfect combination for a happy, joyful print. O requested some nature inspired blues and greens too, an ideal base to let the brights shine.

This print was filled with tiny shapes - from the smallest of geometric shapes to illustrate the insect hotel, to wider stripes on the tyre planters. All designed to draw you in and hold your attention.

“So the boys nursery received this… we commissioned it by Rowana of South Island Art who made the process so easy… Such a lovely lady and such an incredible piece. Thank you! There were many tears… they absolutely loved it and said it was the most beautiful thing in the nursery. I felt so proud handing it over. Thank you again.”

– O, London, UK

Create your own skyline

To talk through ideas about a skyline print packed with your memories and crafted just for you, just email me: