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Capturing epic memories with a triptych of custom travel prints

When my lovely collector described her road trip across California, I was so excited about the stunning landscapes she’d seen. What better way to capture her memories than a trio of prints of her favourites - Yosemite, Joshua Tree Park and a print inspired by the many stunning beaches along the coast.

Triptych of three bespoke art prints, each illustrating a destination in California. They are hanging above a dark green sofa.

The story of D’s incredible road trip across California.

These prints became some of my most intricate yet, featuring all kinds of detailing from the cacti of Joshua Tree Park to the trees of Yosemite. D mentioned a love of corgis, and how the beaches would be filled with dogs and their owners, so we included a couple on the beach print. She also loved the flowers she came across and this worked best popped on a surfboard by traditional lifeguard huts. The car she drove in - a red Mustang - felt like the ultimate symbol of an all-American road trip and was referenced in the print captions.

Inspired by the changing light

D mentioned that in the photographs she sent me of her trip how much she loved the way the light would change at different times of the day, from daylight to sunset. I wanted her prints to evoke that, so each is set at a different time but with common colours to link the stories together.

The trio moves through from the freshness of midday with sky blues and lush forest greens; the softness of desert yellows in the dusky light of early evening to the warmth of sundown over the sandy beaches.

An incredible set of prints to work on, capturing fantastic memories.

“Awesome job! It’s been an awesome journey with you.”

– D, London, UK

Create your special place

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