Storyline Skylines

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Skylines that celebrate your travel memories and stories, tailored to your style and taste

It’s been a real pleasure having you bring our journey to life...I love it!! You’ve done an amazing job.
— Becky, London

My Storyline Skylines are visual histories, wrapping up those moments that are retold and relived a million times. Whether it includes a subtle reference to that infamous game of mini-golf, the magic of New York City in the snow at Christmas or the annual trip to the Northumberland coast, Storyline Skylines spark a hundred memories, designed to make you smile each time you see it.


The Story of Us

The Story of Us is for a couple featuring memorable moments in their relationship - from their first date to favourite places and holidays, as well as objects to reference particular dates. The colours were chosen based on a combination of accessories in their home. 

Family Fabric Storyline Skyline by South Island Art

Our Family Fabric

A bespoke print commissioned for a very special landmark birthday. This print is the story of three generations and over 40 years of family life, with a skyline made up of both places visited and homes lived in. A silhouette was drawn for each member of the family.

Journey of Us Storyline Skyline by South Island Art

Our Journey So Far

An art print commissioned to celebrate two milestones, an engagement and a landmark birthday. This print celebrates special milestones in the couple's relationship, each represented by a location. The skyline was created in layers as a backdrop to their silhouette.

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Bespoke Homeware_Family Mugs_08_S.jpg

A storyline skyline print can be combined with a bespoke homeware package

Whether mugs, placemats, coasters or a combination of all three, your bespoke homeware can feature places from your skyline.