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Art prints inspired by... favourite London museums

Art prints inspired by... favourite London museums

One of the many things I love about living in London is easy access to its museums and galleries. The city has so many to choose from, from the well-known to the tiny galleries dotted all over. Here are a few of my favourites of the big-hitters, in no particular order!

The British Museum

Doors to this treasure trove of historical artifacts opened in 1759, the first national public museum. Now housing around 8 million pieces, covering an incredible, in their words, 2 million years of human history, art and culture.

Detail from South Island Art British Museum print
A detail from my British Museum print

British Museum interior via

The interior of the British Museum. Photo via

Why I love it: Quite apart from exploring centuries of history, the architecture of the museum itself is a delight. That glass roof in the Great Court in the middle, designed by Foster and Partners, is just stunning.

Tate Modern

A showcase for modern and contemporary art, the Tate Modern opened its doors in 2000, a conversion of the old Bankside Power Station.


A detail from my Switch House, Tate Modern print

Architecture of the Tate Modern looking sideways on

Architecture of the Tate Modern

Why I love it: This has long been one of my favourites, especially when it first opened. I was studying my Art A-Level then, and I remember being able to go up to the top (now a member’s area), sitting on the floor and drawing the view from up there. Today the viewing platform of Switch House (Blavatnik Building) is open to the public and fabulous for 360 views of London. And then there’s the art - their permanent collection of 20th Century masterpieces never fails to inspire.

The Natural History Museum

A detail from South Island Art's Natural History Museum art print

A detail from my Natural History Museum art print

Interior of Natural History image, photo via

Natural History Museum via

Designed by Alfred Waterhouse, the history of the Natural History Museum dates back to 1753. Alongside the blue whale and dinosaurs, the museum is home to some 80 million specimens!

Why I love it: The architecture, inside and out, is breathtaking in detail, and since childhood, this museum has always brought science to life for me.

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